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Event Planner

Jackie Campbell

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Jackie has a passion to help people create lasting memories for the special events they share with VRE.  As a certified event planner, Jackie and her team are committed to providing the highest level of service and experience for her clients.  That is the VRE mission.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I reserve my event?
    Reserve your event online via our "Book Now" tab or visit our contact us page to call us today!
  • Are events catered?
    Yes! We are proud to provide servers and cleanup teams to assist in the operations of your event. We offer 3 dinner options plus a cocktail hour option with multiple choices in meats, vegatables and desserts.
  • Who is in charge of planning the event?
    VRE wants to understand your dream and vision for your event and will use their expertise to schedule, plan, and coordinate all the necessary details to make your event a success You receive unlimited consultation throughout the process, keeping you in-the-know throughout the entire process.
  • Is there any paperwork?
    All necessary paperwork can be completed here at our website. Follow our "Forms" tab to complete our services and financial agreements.
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